Frequently Asked Questions

Do your prints come framed?

Our prints are unframed, but a frame can be purchased separately here. We’ll frame your print if both are purchased together.

Do you have a map print of my town/suburb/city?

The easiest way to find a print on our website is to type it into our search bar at the top of the page – click the icon that looks like this:

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can always order a Custom Map Print.

Do your Map Prints include street names?

Our Map Prints are for artistic purposes only and do not include street names.

Can I request a print?

We receive so many requests for prints that we can’t possibly make them all. The best way to secure your dream print is to order a Custom Map Print.

Can I see a preview before ordering a Custom Map Print?

We don’t offer previews of our custom map prints as they are created to order, but once an order is placed we’ll send you a draft to make sure you’re happy with it before printing. We can always zoom in and out more if you wish and you’re more than welcome to email us through map screenshots with your order.

How do I safely remove my print from the mailing tube?

To ensure you get your print out from the tube without causing any damage, we’ve put some tips for you together below…

Peel off the tape from around the mailing tube and pop off the lid.

You’ll see your print packed tightly against the edges of the tube to ensure smoothness and prevent creasing.

With clean hands, carefully pull the inside corner of the paper to loosen the print.

The print will slowly start to come out of the tube. Be careful not to crease the paper!

The paper will likely be curved from being in the tube. You can flatten it by placing something heavy (and clean) on top, or by placing the print directly into a frame.

My print arrived damaged – what do I do?

We’re really careful with packing our prints but unfortunately sometimes they can get knocked around in transit. If your print arrives dented or creased, please take the print and packaging to your nearest post office and ask to fill out a damage report. All our parcels are insured against loss or damage, so for instance, if your courier decided to play cricket with your mailing tube you will be compensated!

Where are you based?

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia. All our prints are produced in-house.